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Why we should be more ignorant

Contrary to the popular belief that education is eradication of ignorance, learning is driven by ignorance.

While life-long learning is probably one of the top items on any CEO’s agenda, few really know how learning takes place. This leads to a continuation of flawed models and a replication of school/university systems.

What we really need is a fresh look at learning within organizations based on our understanding of learning. I write about this in the latest Mint article in “Behavior By Brain” series.

We Don’t Learn to Imitate… We Imitate to Learn

My fifteen month old daughter never ceases to amaze me. More so, being a Behavior Architect by profession I am constantly and minutely observing her behavior.

One such observation is about how difficult I find teaching her anything, while there is so much she is learning everyday.

For instance, we never taught her to eat with her own hands, but how every time that we try feeding her something, she wants to do it with her own hands. Where on earth did she learn to dance from. We never do it at home. We never tried teaching her. Of course there is the Always ON television at home.  The list is endless. 

From a scientific perspective, this form of learning is from simple Imitation. From my perspective, what is interesting about this form of learning is the form’s Effortlessness.

This is effortless learning.

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